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Frequently Asked Questions

Which geographies does Efficient Era support?

At this point most of our tools are supported in the US (includes CA, MX), UK (includes DE, IT, ES, FR) and Japan.


Q: I sell in the US and the UK. Do I need to set up two Efficient Era accounts?

A: If you have two separate Amazon businesses, you are free to set up more than one account with us as long as your MWS and Seller Central accounts are unique for each of your accounts.

Q: Do I have access to all your tools during the free trial?

A: Yes you do. We offer a substantially long trial period of 30 days which we think is required for reasonable amount of testing.

Q: Where can I find product tutorials/videos?

A: You can find product tutorial videos on our YouTube channel. You could also refer to our other documents linked through our Startup kit.

Q: Why does it look like my Inventory Health Reports are not up to date?

A: Efficient Era utilizes data that is provided by Amazon which can have a 1-7 day delay. We provide this information to you as soon as it is readily available.

Q: How do I know my automated emails are being sent?

A: Emails are automatically sent based on the triggers you defined. These can be one of Confirmed, Shipped or Delivered. If your trigger is set to "Delivered", you should allow for a reasonable period of time for Amazon to complete the delivery. You can find the numbers of emails sent by looking at your Efficient Era dashboard under Order Automation at a glance.

Q: How do I automatically send VAT invoices with all my orders?

A: In order to automatically send VAT invoices with all of your orders; you must use the Efficient Era Order/Email Automation feature. You will find a button within the campaign you create to turn on the functionality to include a VAT invoice with every order.

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: In order for you to delete your account, you will need to go into your Account Settings, Account and Credential Settings and then click on Request Account Deletion. You may also simply send an email to and request your account to be deleted.

Q: Does Efficient Era have an Affiliate Program?

A: Yes, details about our affiliate program can be found here.