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Scalable Pricing for Every Business

Efficient Era's scalable pricing model is based on your usage of our services, calculated monthly at:

$0.01/order + $0.08/ASIN

Taking Off

Say, your business is taking off and your monthly numbers look like this:

  • 100 orders
  • 5 ASINs


Or, maybe your business is growing and you made quite a few sales this month:

  • 1,000 orders
  • 10 ASINs


Perhaps, you have a lot of products, high sales volume and your numbers look like this:

  • 10,000 orders
  • 100 ASINs

Pricing Calculator


Now, it's your turn to calculate. Enter your monthly orders and ASINs. Your monthly charge will appear above.

Why Scalable Pricing Is Better

You're probably using a lot of tools from a lot of providers. Most providers offer tiered pricing models. For 1000 orders a month on 5 ASINs, your Email Automation software could cost around $40/month. Throw in a Review Monitoring and ID matching tool at $40/month. And if you want to get Hijack Alerts, you are likely to be paying another $40/month. Do the math, that's $120 right there! These numbers add up pretty quickly.

$120 vs. $10

Scalable pricing models almost always turn out to be less expensive for sellers and we want to do what's best for you! With Efficient Era, you pay no base monthly fee and get access to our entire collection of Alerts, Analytics and Automation Tools for one awesome price.


  • Review and Feedback Alerts
  • Buy Box Monitor
  • Hijack Alerts
  • Question and Returns Alerts


  • Data Warehouse
  • Performance Charts
  • Inventory Health Analyzer
  • Ad Analyzer


  • Review Matcher
  • Email Automator
  • Seller Feedback Automation
  • VAT Invoice Automator

Frequently Asked Questions

If I only want to monitor a few of my ASINs, how will you charge me?

You are welcome to monitor only a few ASINs. Simply switch off the ones you don't want us to watch for you. This will not give you too much of a saving cost wise, because the primary part of your monthly charge comes from orders. Since at the time of order processing we do not know which ASINs the orders were placed for, we need to charge for every order we process.

I don't use all your tools. Do you offer them individually?

The short answer is no, we don't offer our tools individually. But in order to answer that question fully, we would like to take a step back and share some of the philosophy behind the design of our tools and how they work in an integrated and holistic way.

We believe that for buyers to become raving fans and repeat customers, their questions, concerns and complaints, however trivial, need to be addressed quickly and at every step of the purchase cycle, which starts with them clicking on a listing and continues on to after-care and support, even after the product was delivered. Being proactive at every step of their journey helps buyers have a positive experience with you as a brand, and this leads to them leaving good reviews in a natural, non-coercive sort of way.

We're committed to creating tools and alerts for every step of the cycle, to help you mitigate negative reviews and encourage positive reviews. The cycles we talk of can be summarized into the diagrams below that we refer to as Feedback Loops (you can learn more about this philosophy here). Although our tools do not yet cover all aspects of these feedback loops completely, we are striving to make this our ultimate goal. This is the reason why we offer our entire suite as a single unit, and at a single price point. We understand that it may not be feasible for you to adopt all of our tools because of feature preferences, but you are free to use only the ones that make sense to you.

Positive Feedback Loops
Positive Feedback Loops

Who is the intended audience of Efficient Era Tools?

Our software is targeted primarily towards Private Label Sellers using Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) services. We offer a broad range of tools for timely alerts, actionable analytics and process automation.

How will I be charged? And how often?

You will be required to set up Amazon Payments (one time setting). Once your account has been authorized, billing will happen automatically once every month. When your payment is due, we will send you an invoice with your usage and charge up to that point.

Do I need to provide you with credit card information to sign up?

No, you will never need to provide us any credit card information during or after your trial period. We will require you to complete your setup of Amazon Payments when we send you the first notice of payment.

What is Amazon Payments? Can I use Paypal or a credit card instead?

At this point, the only form of payment we accept is via Amazon Payments. It is a trusted service for both shoppers and merchants and you can read up more about it here.

How do you handle account cancellations?

Once you cancel your order we will remove your account from our system. You will need to manually disable permissions for Efficient Era from your Seller Central account.

Can I trust Efficient Era with access to my seller account?

We, at Efficient Era take security very seriously. All passwords are encrypted using PBKDF2 algorithm with a SHA256 hash. Your Amazon credentials are encrypted with AES-GCM 256-bit encryption. Also, we use two-factor authentication to log into servers and services. All servers have firewalls, and we apply security updates regularly.