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So affordable, its a no-brainer!


Say, your business is taking off and your monthly numbers look like this:

  • 900 orders
  • 10 ASIN


Or, maybe your business is growing and you've made quite a few sales this month:

  • 2,900 orders
  • 10 ASINs


Perhaps, you have a lot of products, high sales volume and your numbers look like this:

  • 9,000 orders
  • 120 ASINs

Pricing Calculator

Are your average monthly numbers different from these examples? See how much you'll pay:


The smart pricing formula

$0.01 /ORDER + $0.08 /ASIN

Efficient Era's unique scalable pricing model is designed to SAVE you money! Once you are past the pricing logic, you will see how favorable it is to ONLY pay for your actual usage of our service, based on your monthly orders and max number of ASINs each month. Some of the most advanced software companies in the world use the smart pricing model, because hey, it's a win-win!

You get: All these tools for one price!

Powerful Tools for Amazon Sellers


  • Over 20 types of alerts
  • Monitor Reviews and Feedback
  • Get alerts on Listing Hijacks
  • Set alert frequency

Powerful Tools for Amazon Sellers


  • Customer Database
  • Drill down by ASIN/marketplace
  • Sort, filter and export orders
  • Build your own charts

Powerful Tools for Amazon Sellers


  • Email Automation
  • Amazon Sales Funnel
  • Sponsored Products (PPC)
  • Promo code to order match

Compare us!

Seller Labs: Ignite


Compare the Ignite tool to Efficient Era's Ad Manager for PPC campaign optimization and reporting. Ad Manager is included in your bundle and costs you nothing extra!

Hello Profit


Compare this to our fully automated Profit dashboard. Our Data Warehouse consolidates Customer, Orders and Returns data into searchable and sortable views.

Feedback Five


Our Feedback Manager is a complete system for sending review request emails, monitoring reviews and feedback, and email open rates.

AMZ Alert


Efficient Era offers over 20 different types of alerts to keep an eye on your reviews, sales, listings and BuyBox ownership over multiple geographies.

À la carte tool prices can quickly add up! With Efficient Era, you have an all-in-one experience at an unbeatable price point. Still have questions? Ask us!