VAT Invoice Automation

Expanding your market overseas is a great step towards growing your business, but the ramifications can be daunting. Selling globally requires a lot of extra steps. One such step is Value Added Tax (VAT). To understand the basics of VAT, check out our introductory guide to VAT for Amazon sellers.

Sending VAT invoices is necessary for any international sales to countries where a VAT is collected instead of a sales tax. We at Efficient Era have created a tool to ease the process of creating and sending VAT invoices to customers. Our VAT Tool is a web form that can be sent as a link to any VAT-registered customer that requests an invoice. All they have to do is submit their information — the tool will do the rest and automatically send them a complete VAT invoice!

Our VAT Automation tool pulls data directly from Amazon’s API based on the Amazon Order ID to automatically create the invoice using accurate data regarding the sale, including pricing, SKU, tax (of course) and all other important information. It then sends the invoice to the customer within seconds and without requiring any additional action by the seller.

VAT Invoice Generator

Multi-lingual Support for Multiple Markets

In addition to English, the customer-facing VAT Tool form is available in German, French, and Spanish, with more languages to come in the future. Address all your customers’ needs in their language of choice.

VAT Invoice Generator

Customize Your Email Templates

You can set up separate email templates for different geographies in multiple languages.

VAT Invoice Generator

Analyze Your VAT Invoice Request Volume

Our tool also gives you an easy to view dashboard with data on how many VAT invoices were requested by your customers.

VAT Invoice Generator