Welcome to Efficient Era!

We are excited to have you use our software. In order to derive maximum benefit from our ever growing set of tools, we have put together a recommended sequence of steps to follow.

1. Complete API Authorizations

  • MWS
  • Our software relies on MWS APIs to gather your data and send emails on your behalf. If you haven't activated your account yet, simply log into Efficient Era and follow the instructions for MWS authorization.

  • Sponsored Products API
  • Use your Login With Amazon credentials to enable our use of your Sponsored Products API for automating your PPC Campaigns.

    Note: In order to enable this API for multiple marketplaces ensure that your first log out of Seller Central from all marketplaces and then attempt to login with the marketplace you want Efficient Era to automate PPC Campaigns in.

2. Modify Product Details

  • Adjust Product Titles
  • Products are detected automatically by Efficent Era from Amazon. By default, the listing title on Amazon is the display name within Efficient Era. However, sometimes these titles can be fairly long when selecting them in dropdowns or settings. Feel free to edit these display names. These will only affect how your product is displayed within Efficient Era. In order to change display names, access Products from the Products menu. You can also upload product details via csv by clicking on the Import/Export button at the top right are of your Products list.

  • Enter Landed Costs
  • The Landed Cost of a product is the cost to produce or procure each unit, along with any costs you incurred up until your product reaches an Amazon Fulfillment Center. If you are foulfilling a product via MFN, be sure to add the average cost of shipping from your warehouse. To set up Landed Costs visit Account Settings or go here. This information is required by us to correctly display your profit calculations on the Profits dashboard.

    Note: Since we auto-detect your products from Amazon, based on a listing report that we request, you might start noticing a new type of daily notification from Amazon letting you know that this report was requested. Since this alert can get noisy for some people, we recommend switching it off by going to Seller Central, access Notifications under your account name and then deselect Tools for Amazon Sellers

3. Set up Alerts

Efficient Era offers broad range of alerts such as Listing Hijack Alerts, Sales Alerts, Product Review Alerts and more to help you stay on top of your business. This is a list of alerts we support:

You can adjust the frequency of alerts to one that you prefer.

On By Default:

  • Product Review Alerts (daily)
  • Seller Feedback (daily)
  • Question Alerts (weekly)
  • Large Order Alerts (daily)
  • Top Level Category Change Alerts (daily)
  • SKU Change Alerts (daily)
  • Weekly Movers (weekly)

Off by Default:

  • A+ Listing Monitoring (daily)
  • Brand Changes (daily)
  • Feature Bullet Changes (daily)
  • Product Title Changes (daily)
  • Monthly Movers Report (monthly)
  • No Listing (daily)
  • Weekly Refund Report (weekly)

If you would like to change these frequencies simply access Alert Settings here,

4. Create Follow-up Email Campaigns (Watch Video) (Read Documentation)

Emails are a great way to provide customer support and also request for reviews. Your email campaigns can be set to trigger each time a product was purchased, shipped or delivered. Define the layout and formatting of the email as you like. To enable and design Email Campaigns, access Email Automation settings within the Emails tool and make sure the follow-up email button is enabled. Also, choose the marketplaces you would like automation to be enabled for.

In order for our Email automation system to start using Amazon's buyer-seller messaging system to send follow-up emails you need to add noreply@efficientera.com to the list of approved senders on Amazon. The steps are:

  • From Seller Central Settings select Messages in the top right area
  • Select Authorized Emails

  • Tools for Amazon Sellers
  • Add noreply@efficientera.com to the list of approved senders

  • Seller Tools for Amazon Sellers
  • Test if Emails Are Sending
  • To test if your Emails are getting sent out correctly from Efficient Era, access Amazon's outbox on Buyer-Seller messages here.

    Note: Your emails will only get sent to Amazon once they hit an event trigger. For example, if your Email Trigger is set to Delivered + 2 Days then please check your Seller Central outbox when the first order that comes in after you signed up for Efficient Era is likely to get delivered + 2 days. Typically, this is 7-10 days from purchase.

    Also note: We currently do not have the ability to send emails for orders placed before you signed up for our service.

5. Set up Bulk Order Alerts

While you are in the Email Automation settings (same as the previous step), you can specify how you would like to be notified each time there is a bulk order. Specify what you consider a bulk order. We have set it to default value of 10 but you can change this at any time.

6. Set up Return Reply Emails

Return Reply Email is a new feature that allows you to send an automatic email response to someone who has initiated a return. This is a good opportunity for you to take quick automated action, to ward off a negative feedback or better still, reverse their decision to return. Here are the steps to set it up:

  • Auto-forward Return Emails
  • The email to auto-forward to, is mentioned in the right hand area of that page. In your case it is: R4N7J61Q8@refund.efficientera.com. In order for these emails to work, you will need to set an auto-forward rule in your email system (such as Gmail) where you receive return initiated notices from Amazon, to your unique returns auto-forwarding email at Efficent Era. This looks like Z4X7J30Q8@refund.efficientera.com and is located in the top right area of the Return Reply Emails sub-menu under Emails. As our system receives your auto-forwarded emails, we send out your returns reply email to the buyer.
  • Set Up Return Replt Templates
  • Next pick a Returns Reply template for your marketplace, and add content to it. Each marketplace has one template each. You can edit the contents of relevant templates and then enable them when you are ready.

Once you have completed these two steps, the replies for all your returns will be activated.

7. Set up Seller Feedback Automation & Alerts

Our Seller Feedback tool gives you email notifications, dashboard based analytics of your seller performance, as well the ability to send automated mails each time you receive a negative Seller Feedback. Access Automatic Replies and Settings from the Feedback Manager tool.

8. VAT Invoice Automation (optional) (Read Documentation) (Watch Video)

If you sell in Europe and need to help your customers generate VAT invoices. Provide your VAT registration number and countries in which you are VAT registered.

We are constantly working on improving our products and our documentation, so please feel free to let us know what features you would like to see and also if you find our instructions clear.

Once again, welcome aboard!