Email Auto-Responder for Amazon Sellers

Even with buyer opt-outs, sending follow-up emails is totally worth it! Our easy-to-use Email Automator helps you trigger emails when a product is ordered, shipped or delivered. Fully integrated with Amazon's Buyer-Seller Messaging service, and within Terms of Service. Weave placeholders into your message to dynamically address the buyer by full name, include the product they bought and add links to leave reviews. Create eye-catching emails with our rich text editor or customize the HTML.

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  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Email Automator comes with pre-populated post-order email templates that you can modify and customize based on your requirements. Our placeholders make it easy for you to personalize your message for each order, for example, by addressing the customer by their full name or referring to their order number, without having to manually reference it.

  • Images and Attachments
  • Inserting images is easy with Email Automator's formatting tool. We support standard image formats. You can also insert PDFs (within Amazon Terms of Service). Create a global collection of PDFs that you can use across multiple campaigns. Attach upto 10 attachments per email campaign.

  • Trigger Based Delivery
  • We provide 3 types of events trigger for your email campaigns, based on when an order is confirmed, shipped or delivered. While the Confirmed and Shipped triggers are based on real time Amazon data, Delivered is an estimate on historical arrival times.

  • Embed Review Request Links
  • One of the reasons why a lot of sellers use email auto-responders is to request for reviews. We make it easy by providing you with predefined links to request for Product Reviews, Seller Feedback, General Review and more. Politely asking for an honest review is not a violation of Amazon Terms of Service.

  • Check Email Open Rates
  • Thanks to Amazon's opt-out settings for buyers, not all emails are delivered. Of those that are delivered, not all are opened. Your Email Open Rate is an important metric to know how eye-catching your subject line is and how engaged your buyers are. Now you can see your sent and open rates on a time series chart.

  • Manage Blacklist and Opt-Outs
  • Buyers that unsubscribe from your email messaging are automatically added to our Blacklist. In addition, you can also manually blacklist marketplace addresses. You can also set auto forwarding for your opt-out messages to be included in the blacklist.

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