Review Matcher

Reviews are, by far, the most important social proof of your product. When a buyer leaves a negative review, you want to quickly connect with them and help out. We provide accurate buyer-reviewer matching, including for anonymous 'Amazon Customers'. Our Review Matcher notifies you about reviews and feedback. At any time, you can search all of your reviews within the our Data Warehouse.

Update: Efficient Era's buyer-review matching is back! We can once again match your reviews to buyers, after the changes Amazon made it their pages on October 26th, 2017. We are also aware that this is not likely to be a permanent solution. Amazon’s recent changes to their web pages has convinced us that they could make changes to their pages and services at any time. While this might be a recurring theme, we are committed to evolving and finding ways to help you connect the dots and fill in the gaps that Amazon leaves behind. We want our tools to make it easy for you as a seller, to operate at maximum efficiency. As a leader in the space of buyer-review matching, we are committed to continue bringing you the most reliable solutions for your review matching needs.

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  • Automatic Buyer-Reviewer Matching
  • We can accurately match your reviews to buyer IDs for verified purchases made from your seller account if you provide us with Seller Central credentials. But even in the absence of Seller Central credentials, we can still match them with about 35% accuracy. All your reviews can be searched, filtered and exported.

  • Review Alerts
  • You don't want to miss knowing when a review was posted. This is especially true of negative reviews. Set up an alert with a rule to either send yourself a mail for each review or as a daily digest. You can also set up alerts for multiple emails, even separate ones for positive and negative reviews.

  • Review Changes
  • If you are reaching out to buyers that leave negative reviews to help them resolve their issues with your products, chances are they might change their rating or review text. You know that it would be nearly impossible to keep track of these changes manually. Our Review Change List helps keep track of review changes automatically for you. We also email you when someone changed their review.

  • Order Lookup
  • There are two ways to look up your order matches. If we are able to match a review for you the order number shows up in the Review List. If not, you can still trace them manually via the Orders List in our Data Warehouse. Click here for ideas on how you can do this using wish lists and registries.

  • Review Charts
  • While you won't need to see these every day, review charts are a useful analytical tool that provides visual cues to gauge the overall health of your reviews. We provide charts showing aggregate and cumulative values of your reviews and ratings over time. You can also see the breakdown of your reviews by geography.

  • Seller Feedback
  • While Seller Feedback is different from product reviews, a lot of buyers confuse the two and leave product related feedback instead. Our seller feedback list is a searchable repository of all your seller feedback. We also provide automatic seller feedback response automation for positive or negative ratings.

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