Your Searchable, Sortable Amazon Data Repository

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  • Consolidated List View
  • Amazon Business reports only give you a fragmented view of your data and you need to keep downloading reports constantly. Efficient Era can automatically request reports on your behalf and consolidate them into easy to navigate list views.

  • Searchable Text
  • Search in text fields for patterns that can help you take action. For example, search your reviews for words that repeat often and could get you in trouble. Word like "fake", "counterfiet", that Amazon's bots are always on the lookout for.

  • Data Filters
  • We provide multiple filters on all our list views, so you can really zero in on the data you are after. For example, filter by marketplace, date range, ASIN and more. Once you are satisfied with your narrowed down results, you can export to csv.

  • Data Export
  • If you are not Excel savvy, our Data Warehouse gives you an easier way to create sorted filtered data views. Export your data at any time as csv files. Slice-and-dice your data for further analysis.

Ready to try out Efficient Era? Note, that Data Warehouse is only one of our many sought-after tools. Once you sign up for your 30-day trial period, you can unleash the full functionality of all our tools. Our scalable pricing model makes us an attractive choice for both small and large sellers. Use our pricing calculator to to see how affordable Efficient Era is. More details are here.

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