Listing Hijack and Other Alerts

Listing Hijack Alerts

As a business owner, you know you need to keep track of every event that could potentially threaten the health of your business. How does one stay on top of everything that really matters? While Amazon provides a lot of data to sellers, they don’t necessarily inform you about important changes and trends that can impact the fate of your products. Listing overrides, silent suspensions and BuyBox losses are common issues that keep sellers on their toes. That's why at Efficient Era, we provide email based alerts so you can let the software do the watching and informing.

Here is a list of our current and upcoming alert categories:

  • Listing Hijack Alerts
  • Product Review Alerts
  • Seller Feedback Alerts
  • Sales Alerts
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Ad Performance Alerts(Coming Soon!)
  • Silently suspended listings(Coming Soon!)
  • Listing Optimization Alerts(Coming Soon!)

Does the fear of listing hijackers keep you up at night? Since Amazon allows multiple sellers to sell their products on a single ASIN, it’s easy and legal for a competitor or hijacker to replace any of your beautifully crafted listing details with shoddy images, poor titles, sub-standard descriptions or worse, incorrect product details. What’s more, your “listing hijacker” could be Amazon Warehouse deals or Amazon Retail themselves. We have heard uncountable stories of brand registered, Private Label Sellers being kicked out of their own listings by Amazon Retail or Warehouse Deals, both of which have a higher contribution score to affect listing overrides. Being stuck with the unnecessary chore of submitting endless change request tickets to a largely ineffective Seller Support ticketing system can be your worst nightmare.

Efficient Era’s Listing Hijack Alerts were born out of the need to help sellers quickly become aware of overrides and hijacks of key fields. Our alerts do a much better job than the ASIN Change Notification emails you might receive from Amazon, because we include the fields that changed and their old and new values (to better understand what's different). We also allow you to send one email per ASIN, so emails can be routed to a ticket system to track dealing with each one. Our alerts also cover more fields and ASIN characteristics (e.g. variations, brand, etc) and more reliably.

  • Condition change
  • Other FBA sellers
  • Variation Change
  • Title change
  • Feature Bullet change
  • Brand change
  • SKU change
  • Top-Level Category Change

Product Review Alerts are email alerts sent each time you receive a new Product Review. If you are using our Buyer-Review matching feature (requires Seller Central integration), your review alert emails will have two important links - a link to the review page on Amazon and a link to the order details page that we match for you. This then gives you the ability to send an email to the buyer and reach out to those who had a negative experience so you can make quick amends. We have seen that Sellers who respond quickly to negative experience stand a better chance with review ratings getting turned around.

Our Notification Settings give you the flexibility of sending your negative review notifications to a separate email address or group for more careful handling. If one review alert per email is too noisy for you, you can always opt for the daily digest instead. All of our reviews can also be accessed from the Product Review Dashboard at any time.

With Efficient Era's Seller Feedback Alerts, you get notified of Seller Feedback instantly via email. You can also chose to receive a daily digest that summarizes all the feedback you received during the day. In addition, our dashboard makes it possible to see how you are doing over time.

Our Seller Feedback automation tools also help you created automated email response templates to automatically address positive and negative seller feedback. Buyers who leave positive seller feedback are most likely to leave positive product reviews as well. Catching them in that positive frame of mind makes it easier for you to ask for a Product Review as well. On the other hand, a negative seller feedback can be a great way for you to reach out, make quick amends and treat it as a customer service incidence.

For a business selling on Amazon, nothing is more crucial than knowing exactly how your products are performing. Which products set new records, which ones had new rankings, which products had bulk orders. Efficient Era's Sales Alerts give you quick updates on how your products are performing. Here are some of the Sales Alerts we are rolling out. Be on the lookout for more to come:

  • Weekly Movers
  • Monthly Movers
  • New Sales Rank Record
  • New Max Shipments
  • Bulk Orders

Nothing can hurt your sales velocity and as much as going out of stock. Once you have lost inventory, you're technically at the bottom of the pit and you need to start building your ranking and organic traffic all over again. With Inventory alerts you will be informed when a product is out-of-stock or back in stock.