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Automate Your PPC Campaigns

Amazon's product ranking algorithm gives more importance to products with more sales, and in order to make sales your products need more visibility by ranking higher in search results. It's a chicken and egg story, and regardless of how established a seller you are, you WILL need to invest in Amazon's PPC advertising. Managing your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns is hard. You can quickly burn through your advertising dollars if you're bidding on the wrong keywords, attracting the wrong traffic or letting Amazon auto-campaigns run for too long. Efficient Era's new Ads tool helps you create, modify and manage your sponsored product campaigns, act on our bid recommendations and match type change recommendations. With two-way synchronization with Amazon's Seller Central data, your optimization changes are almost instantaneous.

Get 90% Time Savings With Amazon PPC Automation

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  • Automatic Campaign Management

  • Efficient Era's Ads tool automatically pulls in your Amazon Ads Campaigns, Ad Reports and Amazon Keywords data. into a consolidated list to track your Impressions, Clicks and CTR. You can drill down to the ASIN and marketplace level, by date range. You can also create new Auto and Manual campaigns. With the two-way synchronization with Amazon, all changes are almost instantaneous.

  • Bid Recommendations

  • Every week the Ads tool analyzes the effectiveness of your Amazon Pay Per Click Campaigns and suggests keyword bid recommendations that you can act upon right away. You can chose to accept, reject or delay bid recommendations, based on the relevance of keywords and your confidence level in them. You can provide a per-product ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) target or go with our defaults.

  • Match Type Recommendations

  • Amazon Ad Reports and Search term reports give you a highly fragmented view of your advertising data. In addition you need to keep downloading reports periodically. Efficient Era automatically requests reports on your behalf and makes match type change recommendations so you are not wasting your Ad spend by attracting the wrong traffic.

  • New Keyword Discovery

  • Your Search Terms reports can offer great insights about relevant keywords that users are actively searching for. Harvesting these long-tailed keywords and adding them to your manual campaigns is an important part of a successful Amazon PPC strategy. Our Ads tool automates the process of new keyword discovery by digging through your impressions, clicks and sales data and finding the most relevant ones.

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Use Amazon Sponsored Products Advertising to Hone Your Keywords:
For online marketplaces today, it’s only viable to skip in-market advertising if your product is truly unique and you have some other way of making people look for it specifically in organic search.
Sellers often think of keywords as “Amazon SEO,” but it’s important to recognize critical differences from Google SEO. For starters, Amazon’s search engine is more simplistic. More importantly, it serves a different function, so a different approach is required to capitalize on it.

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