Ads Analyzer for Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products Ad Analysis

How do you gauge the profitability of your Amazon Sponsored Products Ad campaigns? How many impressions does it take to make an advertised SKU sell? How is your CTR? What about conversions? Efficient Era's historical Ad Reports provide product level drill down insights, helping you see where your Ad spending is working and where to cut back.

If you run Amazon Sponsored Products on a sizeable number of SKUs, you know that the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming. Our goal in providing you this tool is to help you navigate this data visually and at the same time provide you with insights that can help you make the right Ad spend decisions. In order to make use of this functionality you will need to enable Business Report - View & Edit permisssions in your Seller Central account. In this beta release of the Ad Reports tool, we provide the following different types of charts.

The Sales and Spending Chart helps you track your Sponsored Product Ad sales and spending relative to your total Amazon Sales. This is very useful in learning how much of your sales come from advertising versus from organic reach. Ultimately, the goal of running sponsored ads is to influence the Amazon search engine to direct more traffic to your listings organically.

Amazon PPC Sales and Spending Chart

This chart helps you track the conversion rate of your sponsored ads along with the conversion of your organic sales. Campaigns should always target to convert at the same rate or greater than organic sales. A high converting Ad campaign will have an impact on your keyword ranking for organic search also.

Conversion Rate is the percentage of Clicks that become Sales. Why is this important and why should you track it? Arguably, the most important metric to make adjustments for, conversion Rate is a sign of ad campaign relevance and the quality of a listing in terms of bullet points, pictures, recent reviews, top reviews or description.

Amazon PPC SKU Conversion to Session Percentage

How many times should you have to show your ad to make a sale? A combination of click through rate (CTR) and conversions can help determine how relevant your campaigns are. This chart shows Targets can vary by category but are generally around 1k impressions to a sale.

Amazon PPC SKU Impressions to Unit Sales

Track the Average Cost of Sales (ACoS) for your campaigns. You can visually compare the relative ACoS for sales of a product advertised in this campaign versus the Total Average Cost of Sales. ACoS helps you determine how relevant your campaign is for the advertised ASIN.

Amazon PPC Average Cost of Sale - ACOS

This chart shows you the percentage of your overall sales that are generated by your sponsored ads. This will be higher for a new product but should not be a large percentage for the lifetime of a product.

Amazon PPC Ad Sales to Total Sales

In addition to visual charts, we also provide a weekly table view that collates data from various into a single meaningful report. We also give you the ability to download this data as a csv file.

Amazon Sponsored Products Ad Analysis