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Flywheels and Feedback Loops

As promised in the podcast, I am offering a free chapter of my book - Flywheels and Feedback Loops: A Guide to Success for Amazon Private-Label Sellers, to all listeners of EOFire. While this book can be beneficial to online retailers in general, it is most useful if you:

  • Have been selling on Amazon for at least a year
  • Are hungry to learn solid strategies that are not "gamey".
  • Are truly interested in moving away from manual management to automation for scaling
  • Are not expecting introductory material about selling on Amazon

How to be Popular: Managing Seller Feedback

The chapter that I have picked for you is titled: "How to be Popular: Managing Seller Feedback"

We know the customer wants to buy — but do they want to buy from you? This chapter talks about why you should care about seller feedback even though product reviews easily have ten times more impact on your product’s success or failure than seller feedback. If you manage seller feedback closely, you’re likely to increase both the quantity and quality of your product reviews.

30-Day Free Trial for Efficient Era Tools

And that's not all! I want you to know that all of the tools mentioned in the book are available for a 30-Day free trial. Our tools are intended primarily for FBA Private-Label Sellers. You can learn more about their functionality at the Efficient Era home page.

Happy reading and happy selling!

~ Bernie


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