Build your brand and protect your brand with Efficient Era

Automate your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

  • Intelligent Bid Recommendations

  • Efficient Era provides weekly recommendations to adjust bids to maximize campaign and keyword performance.

  • Match Type Recommendations

  • Our software dig through your data to suggest changes to keyword match types, so you can get super targeted and optimize your ad spend.

  • New Keyword Discovery

  • Our Ads tool automates the process of new keyword discovery by digging through your impressions, clicks and sales data and finding the most relevant ones.

  • ACoS Monitoring

  • Set your target ACoS on a per-product basis to optimize advertising performance for products at different stages of maturity.

Get Alerted on Business Critical Events

  • React Quickly to Listing Hijackers and Negative Reviews

  • Be notified when a SKU's model number or category changed. We will also notify you when anything about your listing changed, such as the title or bullet points.

  • Know When you Lose the Buy Box (Beta)

  • No need to wait for days or weeks before discovering that you are losing the buy box. Get alerted on the exact cause of a lost buy box.

  • Get Alerted on Negative Reviews, Feedback and Questions

  • Receive single or digest email alerts for product reviews. Also get notified for seller feedback, questions left and more.

  • Receive Sales Alerts

  • We send you the biggest weekly movers and top performers. It's always good to know what's going well

Get More Product Reviews with Email Automation

  • Buyer-Seller Messaging

  • Send timely emails to connect with customers within Amazon terms of service.

  • Customizable Email Templates

  • Use placeholders to customize your emails. Embed images, send attachments and request for review.

  • Email Open Rate Measurement

  • Measure email open rates to track over a date range to see how effective your campaigns are overall.

  • Unlimited Emails Across Multiple Marketplaces

  • Unlike some other tools, we do not limit or charge you for the number of emails you send out through Efficient Era. We support North America, Europe and Japan.

Monitor Reviews and Feedback

  • Review Monitoring

  • Receive review and feedback alerts as single or weekly digest emails.

  • Product Wise Review Alerts

  • Fine tune your review monitoring to the product level. Set emails to be sent to different team members for specific products.

  • Negative Seller Feedback Automation

  • Automate your "sorry" email in response to a negative seller feedback, and avoid a possible negative product review.

  • Review Analytics

  • Measure your review performance over time, search all review texts for patterns at the ASIN level.

Extract Important Information From Orders Data

  • Large Orders and B2B Customers

  • Download a list of large orders as well as orders placed by B2B customers. Search, sort, filter and expotrt to CSV for further analysis.

  • Repeat Customers

  • Download a list of your repeat customers from your orders reports. No need to manually collate reports in Excel.

  • Orders from Promotions

  • Find out which Amazon promotions resulted in orders. Click through to Order Details page.

  • Returns Monitoring

  • Monitor your per-product return rates. Find out your worst and best performing products in terms of returns. High return rates are red flags for Amazon.

Monitor Your Product Listings

  • Buy Box Ownership (Beta)

  • Buy Box losses need to addressed quickly to avoid needless loss of sales. We provide various reasons of loss such as Page Suppression by Amazon, No Stock, No offer etc.

  • Inventory Health

  • View balance stock, sales, reviews, run rate and profits on a per product basis. Annotate your inventory with key events to refer back later.

  • Profit Analysis

  • Visually drill down into the various cost heads such as Ads, Returns, Landed Costs, Amazon fees on a per product basis.

  • Run Rate

  • Know the per produrt run rate during a given date range to guide restocking decisions.

Know Your Profits

  • Profit Analysis

  • Analyze your profits on a per product basis. Profit calculations take into account Landed Costs, Ads, Promotions, Amazon Fees, Returns and Sales.

  • Profits by Marketplace

  • Measure profitability in 9 marketplaces, including US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Japan.

  • Identify Unprofitable Products

  • Don't let unprofitable items pull you down. Quickly identify products that are candidates for further analysis and possible removal from your inventory.

  • Identify Profitable Items

  • You might be surprised that your best selling products may not always be your more profitable ones. Drill down into profitability calculations over time ranges.

Reduce Your Return Rates

  • Identify Products with High Return Rates

  • These are your red flags. Amazon will make your products ineligible for FBA if your cross these thresholds. We provide a way for you to detect these early and prevent further damage.

  • Return Alerts

  • Every week we send you a consolidated list of items returns including return reasons quoted. Analyze this carefully to detect patterns that can lead to bigger issues.

  • Return Reasons

  • We provide convenient lists of returns by Return Reasons, giving you an extra point of focus for early problem detection.

  • Prevent Negative Reviews with an Automated Email

  • There is a small window of opportunity between someone initiating a return and leaving a negative review. Time is of essence. Use our email automation to reach out with a "Sorry" email.

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