12 Podcasts for Amazon Sellers

Podcasts are booming right now and are a valuable source of entertainment. But they’re also a perfect learning tool, especially for the person without enough time. For the busy Amazon seller, there are many podcasts that could be a learning resource to you. We’ve listed some of our recommendations below, we’ve even been featured in a few of them!

The Amazing Seller

A “die-hard podcast listener”, Scott Voelker is an Amazon Seller that couldn’t find any podcasts that focused on FBA private label success. Eventually, Voelker decided he would create the FBA show he wanted to listen to. After starting The Amazing Seller in 2014, he started interviewing successful sellers and providing tips to Amazon sellers. Our founder, Bernie Thompson, was a guest on this podcast last year. To hear about how to start and grow a business, listen to the episode here.

Amazon Seller Podcast Private Label Show

Brought to you by Andy Slamans and Liran Hirschkorn, who are both multimillion-dollar private label sellers, the Amazon Seller Podcast Private Label Show focuses on advanced selling strategies related to FBA products. With a different focus on each episode, the hosts cover everything from finding what private label products to sell, to importing by sea & air from China, to using Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Amz Secrets

David Aladdin created the Amz Secrets podcast with the goal of helping his listeners succeed in the Amazon marketplace. With over 150,000 listeners and 100 episodes, his listener base of dedicated Amazon sellers are climbing their way to success. He also offers tools to help his listeners succeed. Our founder, Bernie Thompson, was featured on this podcast. Check out the interview here where Bernie discusses his journey as an Amazon seller.

AM PM Podcast

Starting out with creating a humor website, Manny Coats founded many companies throughout his career. In 2015, Manny Coats jumped into the Amazon private label world. Already a 7-figure seller, Manny Coats runs this podcast where he shares Amazon selling tips and talks about the software tools that he created for Amazon sellers.

eCommerce Fuel

eCommerceFuel is an exclusive online community for seven-figure (or more) eCommerce merchants. In addition to having a vibrant and active user base, they also have a podcast with a huge episode library that’s available to the public. The episodes cover anything from recent Amazon news to case studies, so there’s something for any eCommerce sellers.

eCommerce Marketing Podcast

A marketing-only podcast, this podcast is great for any eCommerce seller who’s new to the marketing world and marketing strategy. Covering anything from inbound marketing to paid advertising, sellers can learn strategies top marketing experts use to grow their business. Bernie was featured on this podcast and talked about how to design an effective marketing funnel.

EOFire (Entrepreneurship on Fire)

The goal of Entrepreneurs on Fire is to deliver inspirational strategies to listeners on how to start your own business. Interviewing people from all walks of life, including major stars like Tony Robbins, EOFire is a huge learning resource for entrepreneurs needing inspiration. We were featured on the episode about how to find success on Amazon.

Keyword: The Amazing Insider Podcast

Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast is the only Amazon podcast that focuses on getting the scoop from the inside: by interviewing former and current Amazon employees. By using the tips received from the podcast, third-party Amazon sellers can gain an edge on the competition by learning about topics like “Tips for Amazon FBA” and “How to write Jeff Bezos”.

The Marketer of the Day

With a prolific catalog, the Marketer of the Day podcast interviews top internet marketers and entrepreneurs around the world. Hosted by Robert Plank, he focuses on interviewing entrepreneurs who’ve struggled and learned through trial and error. We were featured in the episode about building an online business with marketing.

My Wife Quit Her Job

With a memorable name, the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast is an interview-based show where Steve Chou brings in small business entrepreneurs, who bootstrapped their businesses and started their ventures to improve their life. Hoping to inspire his listeners to do the same, Steve Chou has over 200,000 visitors to his site per month. Our founder Bernie was interviewed by Steve in Episode 157.

Private Label Movement

A lifelong entrepreneur, Jonathan Gabriel became a successful private label seller with over $15 million in sales. Now he wants to share his knowledge through his podcast, Private Label Movement. Founded in 2015, Private Label Movement now has over 200+ episodes featuring huge stars in the e-commerce space. The show focuses on interviewing real-life people who made it big on Amazon and sharing their story with the world. We recorded an episode with them last year.

Silent Jim Podcast

Jim Cockrum, the best-selling author behind the “Silent Sales Machine”, started his podcast for anyone looking to build their online business. With thousands of listeners, Jim passes along strategies for Amazon FBA, eBay, and other online tools. Soon to hit his 200 th episode, the podcast has plenty of topics to choose from- he covers anything from keywords to inspirational seller stories.

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