4 Myths About Selling on Amazon

Like with every community, Amazon sellers have a few urban legends floating around. One rumor gets spread and suddenly everyone believes it. The problem is that believing in these misconceptions can seriously hurt your store if you’re not careful. Today we’re clearing up some common misconceptions about selling on Amazon and uncovering the real truth.

1. You only need to focus on getting 5-star reviews

Review tunnel vision is real. So many sellers believe that 5-star reviews are their key to product ranking success. And although it’s true that they play a major role, it’s just a portion of the factors that can influence A9, Amazon’s product ranking algorithm.

According to A9, conversion ranking and relevancy factors also play a significant role in the ranking of your product. Focus on the other aspects of your listings that need attention too – such as driving sales, gathering seller feedback, and providing a high standard of customer service.

2. All you need is the lowest price to own the Buy Box

Although having the lowest price helps, it’s also not the sole factor in winning the buy box. Like everything else, Amazon’s buy box has an algorithm behind it. Order defect rates, product availability, delivery feeds, and seller ranking all play a role in who owns the buy box.

However, for sellers with a large number of listings- it can be hard to track whether you own the buy box and if so for what product. Efficient Era can keep track of that for you with our Buy Box alerts. We’ll inform you whenever you win or lose the buy box, as well as the reason behind any potential buy box loss. Learn more about Buy Box Alerts.

3. Amazon PPC doesn’t work

With millions of dollars each year, Amazon is now the third advertising platform on the web- only behind Facebook and Google. Amazon advertising is popular for a reason- it leads to sales. However, mucking through the intricacies of the Amazon PPC system can be tough, especially if you have so many campaigns and keywords to manage.

For those who are looking for help with their Amazon advertising, we’d recommend checking out the Efficient Era Ad Tool. Not only can you manage all of your campaigns and keywords in one place, but our tool will also analyze your data to generate recommendations for your campaigns. Sellers who use our tool have seen a 400% increase in Ad generated sales over an 8 week period, and on average manage to cut their ACoS by 10%. Learn more about Sponsored Products Automation.

Sponsored Products Automation

4. You can just let your product listing sit

Creating the product listing is the easy part. Driving sales to it is harder. If you put no effort into promoting your product listing, you’ll receive no sales either.

For sellers looking on advice for how to drive sales for their brand-new product listing, there are a few tricks to jumpstarting your listing. Take advantage of discount coupons, use Amazon Sponsored Products, pay close attention to competitors, and optimize your listing with enhanced brand content. Read our full series on 10 steps to a super successful product launch here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Here’s the truth about myths- they tend to over-simplify. As you can tell with these particular Amazon misconceptions- they ignore other critical factors that contribute to Amazon success. Stay on top of your listings and stay whole-minded, and watch your Amazon business grow.

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