As Amazon Gets More Aggressive About Its Policies, Products Start Disappearing

Amazon sellers talk a lot about account suspensions, but it’s product suspensions and suppressions that are having the biggest impact lately.

Amazon lets brands easily list new products on their marketplace. But Amazon has become equally aggressive about removing products, often for reasons that aren’t clear.

Brands may see a top selling product replaced by one of the famous “Dogs of Amazon” (Amazon’s coy way of returning a “Page not Found”). Or it may merely be the buy box suppressed, forcing customers into multiple clicks to buy your product, driving down conversion rates. Amazon sends no notice to sellers or brands about products being suppressed like this. Sellers often discover the problem only by stumbling across a product that has suddenly dropped off in sales.

What’s Behind Amazon's Thinking?

Sometimes it’s enforcing its own internal rules, choosing to pull a product down for high return rates or customers reporting an inconsistency. But with increasing frequency, it’s Amazon being driven by government actions (particularly in Europe) or lawsuits -- and then doing overly broad or poorly targeted sweeps, taking down products and bystanders in the process.

For example, Apple had realized that a high percentage of ‘genuine’ Apple Chargers on Amazon were counterfeit. They were right, and moved Amazon to action. Amazon’s recent response has been to take down products that make mention of any Apple trademark, even in ways Apple allows in in the context of 3rd party products expressing compatibility with the iPhone or MacBook, etc. This is just one of many initiatives actively taking down products.

So how can brands selling on Amazon protect themselves when Amazon is dominating sales and months of inventory and profits are at stake with every suspension?

How Efficient Era Tools Can Help

Knowing is the first step! 3rd party tools are required to learn of these suspensions immediately and take action., one of the tools in Amazon’s Marketplace App Store, has just launched a comprehensive solution that sends out email alerts immediately when any of these otherwise silent suspensions happen.

Use a tool to continuously monitor your products. When you get an alert, contact Amazon and get the details on how to fix (if possible).

Often the event will happen to a single product in your brand’s line first, you can use that as a model to proactively fix your other products before they’re hit.

Learn more about how Efficient Era’s tools help at

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