10 Amazon FBA Success Stories

It’s not an easy climb to Amazon success, but the end results are worth it. Thankfully, there are many sellers out there whose stories can inspire us all. We've put together FBA 10 stories for you and we'll start with the bonus ;)

Recently Amazon featured the inspiring success story of our founder, Bernie Thompson. You might have seen his pictures on Seller Central. Do watch this short video of how Bernie's private label brand expanded globally with FBA.

Inspiration from Successful Entrepreneurs

Amazon interviews successful sellers and features them on their channel Amazon’s Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship. A few of these stories are listed here. However, there are plenty of other Amazon sellers whose stories deserve to be shared. Here are some inspirational sellers who found success through Amazon FBA:

1. Best Costumes and Toy Deals

Michael Ward is the award-winning founder of Best Costumes and Deals. Originally an eBay seller, Michael already had strong e-commerce experience prior to joining the Amazon game. Michael carefully strategized his entrance into the Amazon market, with no outside financing. Joining Amazon in 2011, Best Costumes and Toy Deals gained a profit starting from year one, despite a rough adjustment period to Amazon’s many policies. Two years later, Michael would later find even more success by gradually transitioning to Amazon FBA- and saw his revenue jump from $1.3 million to $2.5 million. Now as an Amazon FBA Seller, Ward is expanding globally to other markets and speaks regularly at entrepreneurial events.

2. TechArmor

With the motto, “You Play, We Protect”, Tech Armor is the number #1 ranked brand for screen protectors online. Originally a two-person team, Joseph Jaconi and Eric Tong founded their business in 2012 with the goal of providing alternatives to overpriced mobile gear. They did everything, from shipping to customer service. But after six years of being on Amazon, their business has expanded dramatically in terms of sales and staff. Although the duo at first did every aspect of the business by themselves, they eventually switched to FBA. By joining the FBA program, they realized they were saving a lot of time, which they used to focus on expanding their Amazon private label. Now they’ve expanded their business globally, to the point where their business overseas has outpaced their growth in the United States.

3. Solo Eyewear

Created with the goal of funding eye care for people who don’t have access to health care, SOLO Eyewear was founded by Jenny Amaraneni and Dana Holliday while studying at San Diego State University. Creating eco-friendly sunglasses, SOLO uses scrap pieces of flooring to repurpose them into a stylish pair of shades. With their business, they focused on donating 10% of their profits to non-profits who provided health services to restore vision. Although they built a strong retail presence online and offline, they saw a large increase in sales after switching to FBA. By joining Amazon, a major benefit the company received was the ability to see valuable feedback from their customers about their products. So far, the company has provided vision restoration treatments to over 11,000 people.

4. Niche Pursuits

Serial entrepreneur Spencer Haws is all about pursuing new business ideas. Originally a website developer and SEO expert, Spencer Haws started selling on Amazon just to see if he could make a profit. But within 30 days of starting his FBA business in early 2015, Haws reported making $40,000. Afterward, Haws fully committed to the Amazon FBA model. Now through his site NichePursuits, Spencer gladly dispenses useful tips for new FBA sellers.

5. Cirdan

Barry and Lisa built their book-selling business in Florida in 2003. After Hurricane Wilma hit in 2005, the business took a serious hit as Barry and Lisa struggled with having no power and re-building their roof. They could have lost all of their inventory, but thankfully due to quick thinking and luck, their business survived. After recovering from the hurricane, Barry and Lisa jumped on the chance to join Amazon FBA, since it would help them protect their inventory in cases of any future disasters. As Barry says, “With Amazon, small businesses can find peace of mind regarding these calamities”. Not only did FBA provide them with more security, but it also freed up their time to improve customer service and their inventory.

6. UpFuel

An online blogger, Chris Guthrie first stepped into the Amazon world by being involved in the Amazon Affiliate program. However, after hearing about FBA from a random person who contacted his business blog, Chris wanted in on the seller side of Amazon. Within 30 days of starting his FBA business, Guthrie made almost $3,000 within 3 days. Now on his website, Chris give monthly updates on his Amazon FBA business and advises on ways to build your product niche in various podcasts.

7. Bling Jewelry

A life-long entrepreneur, Elena Castaneda is an Amazon private label seller who drastically pivoted her business. Initially selling gingerbread houses on Amazon from her 1-bedroom apartment in New York City, Elena grew her e-commerce knowledge after selling over $50,000 of gingerbread houses with only $50 of ad spend. However, Elena soon turned to her real love: jewelry. Starting Bling Jewelry in 2008, Elena now sells internationally. With Amazon FBA, she can depend on Amazon to handle the shipping and customer service in international markets. Bling Jewelry now makes millions each year.

8. First State Trade

Originally McMillan Books, Jennifer and Dave McMillan founded their award-winning company in 2001 with the goal of being an online bookseller. Gradually they expanded their business (similar to a famous businessman that we all know) to include home décor and party supplies, changing their name to First State Trading and even opening a brick-and-mortar store. However, Jennifer and Dave still focused on expanding their online presence. After joining Amazon FBA in 2016, FBA helped Jennifer reach more customers and increased their sales by over 100%. In recognition of their success, Amazon has invited the McMillans to speak at various Amazon events about their thriving Amazon business.

9. Zonlife

Chris Jones is the rare blogger who isn’t afraid to share the ups and downs of his life. Overcoming challenges in his youth, Chris Jones began a career as a personal trainer. But eventually, Chris started looking for ways to supplement his income. In May 2015, Chris set up his first company on Amazon.co.uk after doing research on the Amazon FBA model. Chris sold out of his first batch of 500 units within the first 6 weeks of his FBA journey. Finding further success, Chris expanded to the US market. Now as an Amazon FBA consultant, Chris advises clients on how to find success with Amazon FBA.

10. Furniture Clinic

Based in the UK as a father and son business, Furniture Clinic launched in 2005. Selling furniture and leather repair kits, the business saw a huge boost in sales after establishing an online presence. After expanding to Amazon FBA, Furniture Clinic has found it to be immensely beneficial to their business. As Craig Boyd, President of Furniture Clinic, says “With Fulfilment by Amazon, we can let Amazon orders tick through at high volume and with minimal effort, while we concentrate on the higher value orders ourselves.” Now, Furniture Clinic can focus on its expansion to the US, with plans to open further offices around the world.

Hopefully, you can draw inspiration from these successful Amazon sellers. If Amazon is the right fit for your business, consider giving FBA a chance!

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