25 Keyword Tools for Amazon Sellers

Keywords are your most important marketing funnels

Over 93 percent of all online experiences begin with the use of a search engine. And while the %age might vary a little, over 52% of all shopping queries begin on Amazon. These stats alone should be enough to show just how important it is for you as an Amazon seller to target the right keywords to capture the audience that's looking for YOUR product.

In a way, keywords are like digital signposts. They help ensure that your target customers can find the products that you’re selling and that’s particularly true on Amazon.

With keywords, you can anticipate the wants and desires of the customer to ensure that they find what you’re offering on this mass marketplace.

Keywords to draw the right audience

If you have some idea about identifying relevant keywords for your products, you will know that long tail keywords are likely to bring you smaller, but higher quality traffic, whereas head keywords will bring you more traffic that may not always be the best fit.

Keyword research is about finding long-tail keywords with relatively high search volume, that have little competition, a steady demand and are highly relevant to your product. Once you identify these target keywords that describe your product the way a buyer would, the goal then is to make sure these are strategically placed throughout your listing, especially in your title, bullet points, descriptions and back end search terms.

Staying on top of search results with keyword ranking

Most purchases happen on page 1 and 2 of search results. If your product does not rank for relevant keywords on these two pages, you will be missing out on sales.

One way to get on top of search results is to use Sponsored Products and Headline Search ads. These Pay-per-click (PPC) options will buy you visibility that you can take advantage of to demonstrate to Amazon that you are relevant for those keywords. Sure, they will cost you a pretty penny, but the idea is to train Amazon's algorithm to associate your products with keywords you bid on, so that you can start ranking organically as well.

No one said this would be simple, but fortunately there are quite a few tools that you should add to your arsenal to make this task easier.

The Jumbo List of Keyword Tools

While no tool can cover all your requirements perfectly, each offers something valuable to make it a little easier for you. From keyword research, to ranking, to bidding, to new keyword discovery, these tools will help you stay ahead of your competition and win sales. Make sure you create a strategy that gives you the best chance of spinning up the flywheel to push up those sales.

We’ve identified the top 25 keyword tools for Amazon sellers, in no particular order, to help you get started. Each tool has a short summary of their salient offering. So here we go.

1. Sonar

Offered by Sellics, this tool is a brilliant free option because it uses keywords that Amazon customers are actually searching on, while some of their competitors provide approximations from Google or Bing data alone. However, it is simplistic, and more experienced marketers will find themselves missing advanced options.

2. Keyword Scout

One of the newer offerings by Jungle Scout, the focus of this tool seems to be on finding 'profitable keywords'. Use one seed keyword to get hundreds of keyword suggestions and quickly analyze the competition. Find exact and broad search volume and also do reverse ASIN lookups.

3. Seller Labs Scope

This tool integrates with Ignite, the Ad management tool by Seller Labs, and provides keyword suggestions based on seed keywords and suggestions from Amazon autocomplete. Along with rank tracking, it also provides reverse ASIN lookup.

4. Efficient Era

Integrated within the Ads tool for Sponsored Products, this tool provides automatic keyword discovery based on highly converting keywords harvested from Search Term reports. You can check if your keywords are indexed or not, get automatic bid recommendations for your keywords as well as match type change recommendations to maximize your ROI.

5. Zon Words

Use Zon Words to search keywords and find various useful metrics including average reviews, competing products and much more. With real Amazon data, you can get the edge against competitors.

6. Viral Launch Keyword Research

Touted as the most accurate keyword research tool with reverse ASIN lookup, and monthly search volume, this tool is relatively new on the market but inherits the trust that other tools from Viral Launch have enjoyed.

7. AMZ Data Studio

This collection of tools includes a keyword generator, rank tracker, and a backend keyword extractor. More recently, it came out with a search volume estimation tool that provides exact and broad match results.

8. Helium 10

Ideal for advanced users, Helium 10 offers over 20 different tools related to keywords. Some of their more popular ones include Cerebro and Magnet that help track keyword ranks as well as competition.

9. Merchant Words

One of the older tools out there this tool isn’t cheap, but can give you access to a database with millions of international keywords, finding the synonyms that drive sales. Be aware, however, it’s not available in every country. Also, the methods used by Merchant Words may sometimes be approximations of Google and Bing search volume data.

10. Google Keyword Planner

Part of the Google AdWords suite, this tool is free to use and arguably one of the best for business owners. Its scalability is a perk, providing options for small and big businesses. Best for doing research on keyword volume and ideas for honing in on relevant keywords to add to your listing description or your PPC campaigns.

11. Keyword Tool Dominator

Useful for long tail keywords, the Google Chrome extension is expensive at $50 but has a free demo version. Its simple user interface has made it very popular.

12. Keyword Inspector

Search products by numbers and gain access to billions of data points to gain a competitive edge on the market if you can afford the $39 monthly fee.

13. Scientific Seller

In the words of the creators themselves, this is the world's slowest keywords tool. This free software helps discover related keywords based on a few seed keywords.

14. AMZ Sistrix

Completely free, all you need to do is type in the keyword. The software will provide you with stats on whether it will help your brand.

15. Ama Suite

With advanced options like the Captcha detection feature, you’ll be ahead of the curve with this product. The $197 price may drive smaller businesses away.

16. AMZ One

Though not suitable for those new to SEO AMZ One is available at a range of prices and has brilliant features like keyword rank tracking.

17. AMZ Space

Test out this tool with a great week free trial and take advantage of a tool that allows you to track your performance as well as your competitors.

18. AMZ Tracker

Annual bills can range between $30 - $200 but it will allow you to stay ahead of the competition with hijack alerts that tell you if someone tries to take your listing.

19. Keyword Keg

Prices range between $8-$24 per month. Gain access to information from multiple search engines.

20. Keyword Eye

From $35 each month, you can gain access to over 1,000,000 keyword suggestions and it also has a friendly user interface.

21. Kparser

With starter and advanced options, this tool is perfect for newbies and those experienced in SEO.

22. Keyword Tool (Keywordtool.io)

This free tool will generate 750 long tail key phrases for each term you choose. Unfortunately, more advanced options come at a cost.

23. KWFinder

This tool is basically a refined version of Google Keyword planner. Good for general research on search volume, trends, variants and CPC for Google advertising. While not directly relevant to Amazon, it's a good start for getting an idea of how popular certain long tail keywords are.

24. SEO Stack

Free to download there’s also a paid version on the way. The software allows you to track your rank, access SEO metrics and much more.

25. Asin Key

Use for free for seven days to test out the software and then commit to a cost between $35 and $250. Be aware thought that the advance tools are useful but difficult for those without SEO knowledge.

Pick wisely

When you are in the product research phase there is a good chance you are spending 4-5 hours each day on keyword research that leads you to find those golden gems. As you can see, there are great tools for all budgets and business models. When selecting a tool make sure that you check usability. It’s important to select a tool that fits your level of expertise.

While some simply work by typing in a keyword and hitting ‘search’ others are far more comprehensive and may require MWS authorization. Free trials and demo versions are useful for finding out whether a tool will be the right fit for your needs.

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