5 Common Product Listings Mistakes

Creating a great product listing can be a time-consuming process. It’s tempting to take quick shortcuts in your rush to get your product to the market, but mistakes can easily be made. For the sake of winning a sale, it is vital that you build a well-crafted product listing, that will appeal to your potential customers. Here are 5 common mistakes with products listings and how you can avoid them:

1. Ineffective Titles

What qualifies as the “perfect Amazon product title” is a bit of a puzzle. Some sellers are proponents of the short and sweet title, while others believe in packing as many keywords as possible. Regardless, there does seem to be a consensus on the key factors behind a good product listing: brand name, brief product description, size/quantity, and important keywords. Although this list is short, you’d be surprised how many product titles fail to address all of these key factors.

2. Low-quality photos

The most obvious Amazon sin is a bad product photo. It’s the first impression a customer has of your product. If the photo quality is poor, then you can have the best product in the world and still not see many sales.

Bad Listing Example Good Listing Example

A background can make all the difference.

It’s important to note that a good Amazon product photo will also match Amazon’s branding, which means having a well-lit photo with a white background for your main image. Any other type of photo will stick out like a sore thumb. The best-selling products on Amazon try to follow the “Amazon look” and you should try to do the same.

3. Poor Product Descriptions

A poorly written product description can ruin all hopes of being a top-ranking product, even if you just make simple mistakes. It’s all too easy to make typos or forget to proof-read. If you sell internationally, you want to make sure that your product description translates correctly. Even tiny errors can turn off customers when they add up.

Another common mistake with product descriptions is to focus only on the product’s features, instead of their benefits. It is very easy to be lost in the technical details, but you need to show why your products are beneficial. For example, a strobe light that “changes to 4 different colors- perfect for setting the mood for any party” is better than just “a strobe light with 4 different shades”

4. Ignoring customer support

Many sellers believe that once they create their product listing, their job with that listing is done. You can see this attitude in most of the poorly-rated products on Amazon, where the customer questions are ignored and negative reviews are just left to fester.

To boost your listing to the top sales tier, offering good customer support is critical to your success. As a seller, you need to answer customer questions. You need to respond to negative reviews, in an effort to make things right and hopefully flip that negative rating. For more tips on how to address negative feedback, you can read Efficient Era’s blog posts about addressing them here.

5. Violating Amazon’s guidelines

Last but not least, a common sin is violating Amazon’s product listing guidelines. As Amazon says, a failure to follow their standards “creates a negative customer experience and may result in your selling privileges being temporarily or permanently revoked”. Don’t let your rush to finish your product listing result in a suspension. Make sure you read and comply with Amazon’s guidelines- which include product detail page rules and image requirements.


These simple mistakes can not only hurt your sales but hurt your brand’s image as well. Now that you’re aware of these common mistakes, you can take care to avoid them in the future.

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