4 Ways to Improve Your Email Newsletters

We’ve stressed the importance of building your audience outside of Amazon. Building an external email list for your brand is a valuable way to reach out to leads, turning them into customers. Our External Email Tracker can even help you discover what leads actually converted into a sale. But what if your emails flop? Then all of those leads are wasted. When there’s millions of other emails vying for attention, you need to make sure your emails catch your customer’s eye and deliver them to your storefront. Here’s some tips on how to flip those emails into a success:


First, take a look at your email headlines. The ideal headline will grab the reader’s eye and hint at what the email is about. It’s like a movie trailer- if the trailer’s bad, then people won’t want to see the content. It is essential to have an enticing headline for all of your newsletters.

There are several types of headlines that can attract readers. There’s the question format, an example would be “Have you seen our new product?”. You can create a sense of urgency, such as “Your 24-hour deal will expire soon!”. Clever headlines are always fun- such as “It’s the most wonderful sale of the year”. If you have trouble crafting the perfect headline, there are several useful headline analyzers that “grade” the quality of your email headlines. CoSchedule and Sharethrough are two popular favorites.


When even you think your email formats are looking tired, then you can bet your customers are thinking the same. Consider switching your template style. Add some new graphics or video content to your emails, maybe with some help of an Amazon virtual assistant! . Redo your email signature. Eliminate any unnecessary text. An email facelift can do wonders to your email engagement rates.

Here’s an example of the email makeover that we did over the last year. As part of our email refresh, we added more images, centralized our text, and added a button for customers to link to our site. Once we started making these changes, we saw a significant boost in our engagement rates.

Email Automation for Amazon Email Automation for Amazon

Our old format vs the new format


For the more advanced, you can personalize your emails to your customers. One study found that emails with personalized headlines are 26% more likely to be opened. It helps build a connection to the customer, making them more likely to click your email. Most email clients, like MailChimp, have special merge tags that you can use to personalize each email that you send out. You just want to make sure you keep your customer email lists updated with correct information.

Besides external personalization, it’s also important to segment your email lists. Not all of your customers are the same, so it’s important to have different emails that target their specific needs. If you have a diverse product catalog that ranges from electronics to t-shirts, the leads that are interested in your electronics probably don’t want to receive a clothing advertisement. Know your audiences and cater to them.


What’s incentivizing your customers to subscribe or click your links? You need to offer exclusives to your subscribers. Maybe you can give customers a sneak peak of your new products. You can even offer a special Amazon promo code to only your email subscribers. To build your sales, your email newsletters need to create excitement behind your brand and give customers a reason to buy.

A type of incentive


Creating engaging email campaigns can be challenging, but it’s ultimately a fun and rewarding experience. There are plenty of ways you can spruce up your email newsletters, but these are the main categories that can directly affect your engagement rates. Always strive to improve your emails and you will see those leads convert to sales.

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