How to Improve Your Amazon Best Seller Ranking Overnight

Being an effective seller on Amazon means doing everything you can to stay ahead of your competition and get your product in front of potential customers. And once these customers are looking at your listing, you want make sure what they see impresses them. One way to impress them is with a high Amazon Best Seller Ranking.

Best seller ranking, or sales rank, is the number Amazon gives a product to show a potential customer how well that product is selling compared to product offered by other sellers in the same category or sub category. The lower your number, the higher your ranking. The product with a number one ranking, is the top selling product in the category over a certain period of time.

The best way to improve your Amazon best seller ranking is quite simple. To improve your ranking, improve your sales. While the exact time frame of the sales used to calculate this number remains a mystery, it has been deduced that more recents sales are more heavily weighted than historical sales. Meaning, if you can sell an item now, it will count more than the item your competitor sold four days ago. Amazon updates the sales numbers in each category every hour so improving your sales can, literally, improve your ranking overnight.

Here are some things you can try that will increase your sales, boost your bottom line, and improve your best seller ranking.

1) Improve Your SEO

The Amazon search engine algorithm A9 looks for keywords in the title of your product listing. Because you are given a 500 character limit, you can pack a bunch of keywords into your listing’s title. Doing this will increase the chances that it will come up in a product search. The more often your product appears in a search, the more people see it, the more potential customers you have. Just be careful not to go overboard with keywords. The most impactful product listings are full of keywords but they also make sense. You want the customer to be able to understand what your listing is before they even click on it. It needs to be a legible title.

2) Competitive Pricing

One way to get sales and stay ahead of your competitors is to win the buy box. The majority of online and mobile sales go through the buy box so this is an important feature. Simply put, the sellers with the strongest metrics will hold the largest share of the buy box. Some of the factors that go into determining who gets the buy box are product availability, product fulfillment, customer reviews/experience, and competitive pricing. If you and your competitors are evenly matched in all categories, dropping your price slightly can move you to the top of the pile and win you the buy box.

Buy box aside, competitive pricing can make you more appealing to potential buyers which can increase the amount of sales you make, improving your ranking. Rather than trying to monitor competitor prices yourself, you can use software that will monitor these every hour of the day to keep you ahead. All you have to do is enter how far below you competitor you want to stay, and the software automatically adjusts your price.

3) Advertise

If you are new to the game and you want to make the market aware of your product, or you just want to get your product in front of more people, try using Amazon sponsored ads. This will display your product below search results in the right column or it will display on detail pages. There are plans in the near future to expand to make the ads more visible so it is worth checking out.

You can also spend to advertise in other places online. Advertising your webpage on social media increases the likelihood that people will check it out. From there, you can send new and potential customers to your Amazon listing.

4) Offer Discounts

Discounts can motivate customers to buy from you. Why would a potential buyer want to spend more money on the same product somewhere else? When a customer comes across a discount or a sale, they often feel a sense of immediacy and urgency. They do not know how long the sale will last or if there will be another in the future so they feel the need to buy now. You can offer daily deals or a dramatic discount in order to push sales. When your sales go up, even over a short period, this will be reflected in your category ranking.

If you are offering discounts to improve your ranking, don’t forget about your bottom line. Your sales may go up but if you reduce your price too far, your margins will disappear in a hurry.

5) Get More Reviews

Getting reviews are very important for your brand. The majority of people, 88% to be exact, trust customer reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations. Most people do not leave reviews so it is important that you do everything you can to encourage them to do so.

This is another place where discounts can be useful. Getting something of value for far less than you expected to pay for it will create a good feeling in the customer and can lead to more positive reviews. The discounts you offer do not have to be limited to your products. Consider offering free shipping on your items. High shipping costs can prevent customs from making a purchase so if you remove this barrier, you are likely to get a sale and you’ve created a satisfied customer that is likely to leave a good review.

When you ship your item, include a note that thanks the customer for their purchase and asks them to leave a review if they are satisfied with the product. You can also send follow up emails that ask how they are enjoying their purchase offering them links to leave a review if they are happy.

And don’t forget, a negative review is not necessarily the end of the world. In fact, one or two bad reviews can legitimize your store. No one gets it right all the time and the fact that you aren’t perfect, can actually make you more appealing to a customer.

6) Step Outside of Amazon

While Amazon does not like you doing anything that will lead people away from Amazon, you can use the resources at your disposal to direct potential customers to your Amazon listing. Publishing blogs on your website is a great way to offer value to your market and link back to your listing. Blogs provide a significant educational piece for your customers. It allows you to address a problem they may be having and offer them your product as a solution. Similarly, a blog is a great way to educate people on how to your use your product or show them how your product can have a positive impact on their lives.

Perhaps most importantly, a blog or your site’s landing page, provides a new and potential customer with a great opportunity to learn about you as a brand. If they have not purchased from you before or browsed your listings, they don’t have a relationship with you and they don’t know what you are about. By telling your story, or giving them a substantial and informative blog post, you are taking the first steps towards building a trusting relationship. Customers are more likely to buy from you if they understand your band and its mission.

Improving your sales is the only way to improve your Amazon best seller ranking. It is an effort worth making. Not only will your ranking improve, but so will your brand recognition and, perhaps most importantly, your bottom line.

This is a guest post by Andrew Maff, Director of Marketing and Operations for Seller’s Choice, a full-service digital marketing agency for e-commerce sellers. Seller’s Choice provides uniquely personalized marketing and managed services for digital marketplace sellers, e-commerce merchants, and brand builders worldwide. You can learn more by emailing or visiting here.

Feel free to contact Andrew on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with any questions.

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