Everything You Wanted to Know About Building Your Amazon Sales Funnel

The cold-start problem. It’s a term you may not be familiar with, but if you’ve been selling on Amazon for some time, you’ve surely experienced it. The cold-start problem is all about adding a new product to your lineup. When a product first appears on the Amazon marketplace, it’s at the bottom of the pile. No reviews, no sales, no search ranking. In order to start climbing the way up the rankings, it needs to sell and get reviews, because that’s how Amazon’s ranking algorithm works. But isn’t that a bit of a paradox? If it’s at the bottom of the search rankings and doesn’t come up on any searches, who’s going to buy it? And if no one buys it, who’s going to leave a review? Without something giving it a push, your product will set at the bottom of the barrel for a long time. No one will review it because no one will buy it; no one will buy it because no one will see it; and no one will see it because no one is buying or reviewing it.

Now, there are things like Sponsored Product ads to increase your product’s visibility, but you still run into the problem of having no reviews. Customers rely on reviews to inform their purchasing decisions, and a product with no reviews doesn’t inspire much confidence. As much as we would like for it to be the case, Amazon is not a “build-it-and-they-will-come” ecosystem. Your product will not rise through the ranks through its merits as a good product and nothing else. Making a new product successful on Amazon requires a concentrated effort on the part of the seller, but sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start. Let's start with the most important question...

Are you Building Your Email List?

Scott Voelker, The Amazing Seller, elaborates his brilliant method for channeling traffic to his Amazon business in this video. It's a must watch if your want to steal this blueprint for yourself. We highly recommend you watch this video and create your own plan for building a sales funnel.

While using Viral Launch or some other launch site can give you the desired reach for a product lauch, you might also consider slowly and gradually building your own email list that you can market to over and over again. These customers are yours! Amazon cannot touch them! And remember, this is totally within Amazon's terms of service.

Let's get to some of the concrete steps your can take to grow your funnel.

Create Landing Pages

Landing pages or squeeze pages, are often are misunderstood by most who use them. A landing page is designed to increase your conversions by you sharing a valuable piece of content or freebie with your audience in exchange for their email address. From that point on begins the journey of you walking the prospect down the path of Awarernesss - Interest - Decision - Action, the classic sales funnel; a path of persuasion that requires effort and commitment on your part to engage with your prospects and convert them into buyers, fans, and even repeat customers, over an extended period of time.

Built easily with software such as Leadpages, ClickFunnels or Mailchimp, landing pages are a must if you want to build and grow your funnel.

Get in Front of the Camera!

Social media platforms today are expanding the boundaries by allowing you the ability connect to each consumer on a more personal interactive level. To acquire that level of personal connection, you need to shed your inhibitions and come on the camera. Videos are what the average digital consumer wants to see. The use of video allows for consumers to absorb more information in a matter of seconds compared to any amount of written content.

Streaming live has seen the most substantial increase in engagements. Live videos are watched longer and are shared more often. Either through Youtube, facebook, twitter, snapchat, or Instagram; you must increase your live video feeds to appeal to the younger generations drawing engagement from them . (Some platforms are expanding to support live feed videos). Authenticity and the extemporaneous nature of live feed videos generates an attractive allure to the audience that is lost in big business ads.

The new idea behind videos for you to make them more interactive than before. The average time a person dedicated to a video is 3 to 6 seconds before their attention shifts. By you giving the consumer options or decisions to explore puts the feeling of control in their hands. With today’s platforms and software, 360 mapping of a product or experience can give the consumer a clear picture of what to expect with extended interaction.

Another tip here: Tailor your videos to mobile marketing. Consumer trends show a shift to using mobile devices more than TVs, computers, and tablets. As a result, mobile device videos must be adjusted appropriately for faster upload time to get more engagements. That being said mobile formatting also has taken a turn from horizontal viewing to vertical viewing so it best to adjust ratios 1:1. Note: (Line spacing has never been so crucial till now.)

Go Find those Influencers!

For decades, businesses have been using micro-influencers for advertising. From cereal boxes to billboards, public figures have been used to shift trends time and time again. Today, influential people are followed every second of their day. Because today iconic figures can be watched so closely followers generate a strong personal connection.

In today's social media scene, you can find micro-influencers everywhere. On Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Blogs. You don't need to find a Kardashian to speak about your products. Most influencers would be happy to take your product and write you a review or do a video for your product. Some charge a small amount but it's all worth it.

No Time Like Now to Grow a Facebook Audience

Facebook has more than 2 BILLION active users, and they offer you easy access to your desired demographic. Build your audience, your tribe, your people who are interested in topics related to your brand. Give them valuable content to consume so that they are drawn to you and finally get interested in what you have to sell.

If you have a Facebook page or group already, that's awesome! You can also learn from leading Facebook experts like Rachel Miller and Amy Porterfield. A lot of their content is free but you could also join their paid classes. Here is a quick video by Rachel Miller where she talks about getting more traffic.

Facebook Ads use micro-targeting or geo-targeting based on user data and demographics for a highly targetted reach. As a seller, knowing where consumers live and do, what their interests are or where they hang out, offers you great insights into the delivering the appropriate message to individuals without being annoying or disruptive. Taking the time to understanding and manipulating the consumer data will draw you a clearer picture to who is interested in your product and how you can reach them.

Start Building your Amazon Sales Funnel Today!

Entering 2018 with a firm strategy for promoting your products is essential for your success. We, at Efficient Era are rapidly expanding our offerings to help your grow your Amazon Sales Funnel. Here are some of our newest tools:

External Email Tracker:

How do you know if leads from your email list actually converted to a sale? The External Email Tracker traces all emails on your list to any orders placed on Amazon with them within a date range.

VIP Customer List:

Once you import your email list into our system we will match them to orders that were placed with those emails on Amazon. We also give you the ability to export a list of your VIP customers, who made at least one purchase. These are the people that are more likely to buy from you again. So feed this list back into your email list and market to them again.

Promotions Tracker:

If you have created any promotion codes for Amazon you will never know if they were claimed. Our Promotions Tracker will match those Amazon promo codes to real orders and also give you access to their profiles.


Not only this, we give you access to your entire Orders List so you can easily export your customer information to build a Facebook custom audience.

Efficient Era offers a 30-Day Free Trial. Signup today and test it out yourself! If you have any questions, feel free to ask our helpful staff at support@efficientera.com

Happy Funnel Building!

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