Top 10 Newsmakers of 2017 from the Amazon World

It's always busy in the Amazon world, but this year has been especially so with lots of changes, improvements, surprises and even disappointments. Before we head into the new year, here is a quick recap of what 2017 looked like in the Amazon sellers.

1 - Amazon Launched Brand Registry 2.0

While the Brand Registry program has been in existence for a while, it was weak and poorly implemented. The launch of the new brand registry program this year requires actual trademarks for registration, not just in-house logos printed on a sticker. This extra layer of scrutiny is expected to help private label brand owners protect their intellectual property rights.

2 - Amazon Private Labels Keep Growing

We've heard this question from sellers over and over: what does Amazon's private label expansion mean for third-party sellers? After all, competing with Amazon is a near impossible task. In our blog post, we talk in-depth about what Amazon's private label expansion means for you.

3 - Amazon Pages Are Replaced With Amazon Stores

With the elimination of Amazon Pages in October, sellers have to turn to Amazon Stores to create a custom page for their brand. Although building a good Amazon Store is a time investment, the benefits are well worth it, since it can drive traffic to your product listings and build up your brand's image. Read Amazon's pitch on their new "in-store online experience".

4 - Headline Search Ads Are Available For Seller Central

A great way to boost awareness and drive traffic to product pages, headline search ads are keyword-driven, top-of-the-funnel marketing tools that live above Amazon’s search results. Hear from Amazon on how to optimize your headline search ads.

5 - Amazon Coupons Are Launched

In November, Amazon launched their self-service coupon program, with much buzz from sellers. This feature allowed sellers to create targeted promotions on Amazon, which can help drive your sales. Read our take on how to best utilize Amazon's new coupon system, and if this system is worth your precious time.

6 - Right-Railed Sponsored Ads Discontinue

Although Sponsored Ads continue to exist, Amazon eliminated right-railed sponsored ads. By eliminating right-railed sponsored ads, Amazon is hoping to make a smoother shopping experience, where sponsored products can blend in with regular listings. Other e-commerce sites, like Google, have already made similar steps in the past. Read directly from Amazon on the ads that are still available to you.

7 - Amazon Spark is Launched

Yes, another social media network. But if utilized correctly, Amazon's attempt at a social media network could prove to be useful to your brand. Launched during the summer, the jury's still out on how successful Amazon Spark will be, but it is another avenue for you to target Prime members. In our blog post, we give a few tips on how to utilize this new network.

8 - Enhanced Brand Content Includes Video

Launched in beta form over the summer, enhanced brand content video features can now let sellers post videos directly to their product page. Adding videos can allow customers to gain a better understanding of your product, which can set customer expectations and help drive sales. Read our take on enhanced brand content.

9 - "Discounted by Amazon" Tags Are Launched

Amazon is now offering a "Discounted by Amazon" tag on select products. This tag denotes that Amazon has reduced the price of the item beyond the what the seller originally intended, guaranteeing the lowest price. Amazon will then reimburse the third-party seller for any lost revenue. Digital Trend's article provides a great introduction to this new feature, for both sellers and consumers.

10 - Amazon Introduces a New Refund Policy

Amazon introduced their new refund policy in August, which caused a large amount of controversy. With the new rule, refunds on products can be issued automatically- with no communication from the customer about why the product was returned. Although customers enjoyed this new policy, many third-party sellers felt that this policy could hurt their business. In our blog post, we help demystify the returns, refunds and reimbursements process.

So there you have it! The Top 10 newsmakers of the year in the Amazon world. It will be interesting to see what the new year has in store for sellers. Already we know that FBA storage fee are going to see the biggest increase ever. Stay tuned for more scoops, news articles and opinion from Efficient Era. If you haven't already, consider subscribing to our blog:

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