Why You Should Use Social Media for Your Amazon Business

Amazon has been a great place to launch your product and start doing some serious marketing for your brand. Pay per click ads allows you to market on a budget and headline ads have been exceptional in driving traffic to your product page, just in time for the holidays too.

However, Amazon doesn’t allow you to gather any information about who has been purchasing from you or allow you to potentially retarget that population when you release a new product from your brand. This is precisely why social media becomes your next step in growing your brand and focusing on your long-term business goals.

Here are a few reasons why using social media would greatly benefit your FBA business:

1. Build Your List

Since Amazon is very strict about using their platform to gain email addresses, you have to adjust your approach. Building your list is essential not only to drive traffic to your product page, but also to ensure you can reach your consumer base when you want to offer deals or coupons, and get your products in front of them on a continual basis. An email list allows you to monetize your brand by pitching multiple products of which your subscribers have already expressed interest in; thus giving you a higher conversion rate.

Email lists also offer a creative way to engage your particular audience and prove that you understand the problem that your product solves. For instance, if you are selling kitchen gadgets, offering them tips for great recipes while using your product is going create trust in your brand and establish you as a thought leader making those conversions flow when you release a new product.

2. Build Your Business for the Long Term

The saying goes, “You can’t build your house on someone else’s land.” Amazon is your hypothetical land, and you are technically renting space. This was ideal to start your business, but if you are thinking about your business in the long term, you want to be able to own and profit.

“When I hear people debate the ROI of social media? It makes me remember why so many businesses fail. Most businesses are not playing the marathon. They’re playing the sprint. They’re not worried about lifetime value and retention. They’re worried about short-term goals.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

Making sure you have your business’ longevity in mind; you want to simultaneously build your customer list and drive traffic to your Amazon page using social media. This will put you on the path to financial independence from your ‘rented space.'

3. Promote to Existing Fan Bases

Another great way to use social media is to ask for help from bloggers that have already established themselves in your niche or demographic. You have probably seen the popular Tasty videos that circulate on Facebook. They are short, two to three minutes videos that give you a brief breakdown of a recipe that would usually take us 10 minutes to read through and understand. This would make a great partnership for our example kitchen gadget from earlier.

Bloggers, or influencers, like Tasty, usually will allow a few sponsored ads on their website or profile for a fee. When creating these ads for your brands you want to ask that they drive traffic to your brand’s website. If you are showcasing a coupon or deal on the influencers profile, you want to make sure that traffic goes directly to your Amazon product page in hopes of increasing conversions.

4. Increase Your Conversion Rates

Using Amazon promo codes and coupon ads to drive traffic to your product listing is another excellent way to increase your conversion rates. However, you want to be careful that you only drive traffic to your page that you think will have the intention to buy, so be selective. Driving traffic that is only looking, or curious about your product might have a negative impact. That is the opposite of what you want to do.

Facebook and Pinterest have now released a ‘Buy Button’ which allows interested, and maybe slightly impulsive, shoppers to purchase your product directly from their news feed. The process is easy, simple and within minutes they can have your product already on its way. Both platforms provide a sleek, uncomplicated way for sellers to put their items into potential buyer’s hands.

5. Use Social Media to Educate and Share

When you start to share on social media, make sure your posts are really saying something about your product. Inform your audience exactly how and why they need to buy. Make sure you address the problem that is solved when they purchase your product. Is it easy to see how they might use your product? Take advantage of your spot in the limelight to contextualize your product; this will make it easier for them to share with their friends.

You can also use this opportunity to give tips and tricks to using your product. The more they see and learn about your product the more they can experience the uniqueness and differentiate from your competitors.

Conclusion These are just a few of the ways social media can help increase your FBA business. It is easy to see why expanding into this area is a great way to increase traffic and help your business gain momentum as it grows. Your next step is to find a website that will allow you to make eye-catching graphics. Keep checking back for our next blog post where we detail which sites are best to use to create social media graphics.

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