PSA: MWS Services Require Professional Selling Plan

Amazon made some changes to their MWS services a few days ago, so we thought we’d put out a quick PSA.

Here’s the main piece: any services you use that require Amazon MWS access now only work if you use a Professional selling plan. In other words, if you’re using an Individual selling plan, these MWS services will no longer work. This change was put into place on February 10th, 2017.

This change affects Efficient Era users — since we require you to connect your MWS account with Efficient Era in order to use the service, you will only be able to use Efficient Era if you’re on a Professional selling plan.

Of course, this change isn’t just limited to Efficient Era — any other services you might be using that require your MWS information will no longer work under an Individual selling plan either. If you are on an Individual plan and using MWS services, whether Efficient Era or something else, consider upgrading to a Professional plan in order to continue using these services.

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