Automating your VAT Invoices for Amazon EU

If you’re a successful Amazon seller in Europe, you’re likely fielding many VAT invoice requests. Invoice Request Each one may take several back and forth emails or calls to solve. And while this may only take minutes per invoice, it can quickly add up to a big distraction for your support team. That eats into your narrow profit margins on Amazon.

Our clients had the same problem. Around 8% of orders in Europe were triggering customer service tickets for VAT invoices, adding up to 30 or more hours per month and wiping out a significant percentage of the company’s net profit in Europe for low-cost single-unit orders (the most common type).

So we created a web tool for customers to request VAT invoices directly without having to contact customer service. It gathers the needed data for the invoice from the customer and from Amazon, generates the VAT invoice PDF they need, and automatically mails it to the customer within seconds. We enable sending a link to this tool as part of an email sent automatically when each order ships.

Customers are happy to get their invoice right away, without having to plead with a support team for a response. We’ve gotten rid of a per-order cost, allowing sellers to scale European sales more effectively.

We’re excited to be able to make this same tool available to you. The customer facing side is visible at:

And you can read more about how to sign up and use the tool from the sellers’ perspective at this page.

We hope this tool can help you deal with the burdens of European VAT invoicing more efficiently. If you have any questions or requests at all, please feel free to comment below or email us at

This VAT invoice tool is part of Efficient Era’s larger set of power tools for power sellers on Amazon, so please do check out everything else we have to offer when you sign up. Thank you!

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