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Amazon offers you all the tools you need to sell and ship globally. But with over 200 million products listed on Amazon and over 3 million sellers competing to sell them, it's easy to get lost. The best product in the world will sit unnoticed without an Amazon-specific selling strategy.

What do you need to break away from the pack?

  • List products with ease across all the Amazon geographies with built-in translation
  • Automatically send a personalized email with support information when a customer's product ships
  • Be aware of what customers are saying and quickly address any problems they have
  • Leverage positive feedback by turning it into a product review
  • Learn about changes in sales rank in a category for your or a competitor’s product
  • Know when your or a competitor's product changes in search rank for important keywords
  • Get deeper insights and actionable alerts for increasing or decreasing your Amazon advertising spending
  • Plus many more Amazon events that demand your attention

Amazon doesn’t directly provide any of these capabilities. Yet they're essential to your success.

In the end the goal is simple. It's all about creating the feedback loop with your customers and with Amazon. That means knowing immediately when important events happen, and taking action on that information.

Efficient Era is focused on providing the tools to close this feedback loop. It is a comprehensive set of services to make you successful, built by the team that grew one of the most successful small global businesses on Amazon. We want to share our tools with you.

Each of our tools is its own microservice. Try one or use them all. Certainly take advantage of our free trial period.

It worked for us - it can work for you too.

As always, let us know if you have any questions at all. Comment below or email support@efficientera.com.

Bernie Thompson Efficient Era

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