Save time, increase sales

Sponsored Products Automation

  • Confidence based bid adjustments
  • Keyword harvesting
  • Campaign creation recommendations
  • Negative keyword recommendations
Campaign Management

  • Expanded date ranges greater than 90 days
  • Separate keywords and product views
  • Set ACOS targets per product and campaign
  • Easier and better structured campaigns
Efficient Era Dashboard

Automate Your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Products Automation
  • Intelligent Bid Recommendations

    Efficient Era provides weekly recommendations to adjust bids to maximize campaign and keyword performance.

  • Match Type Recommendations

    Our software dig through your data to suggest changes to keyword match types, so you can get super targeted and optimize your ad spend.

  • New Keyword Discovery

    Our Ads tool automates the process of new keyword discovery by digging through your impressions, clicks and sales data and finding the most relevant ones.

  • ACoS Monitoring

    Set your target ACoS on a per-product basis to optimize advertising performance for products at different stages of maturity.