Power Tools for Amazon Sellers

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Tools for Amazon Sellers
Amazon Category Ranking

Category Ranking

Your product could be listed in multiple categories, and those categories might also evolve over time. Knowing how your products are performing across various categories over time on the same chart can provide useful insights for category placements, a powerful tool if used the right way. ..Undergoing upgrades!

Amazon Low Stock Notification

Low Stock Notification

We’ve all been there, and we know how stressful it can be - running out of stock is a problem many sellers deal with. One of the first, yet most important bulwarks against stock-outs is a low stock notification system. Our Low Stock Notification tool is completely customizable, letting you decide what you consider low stock. ..Coming Soon!

Tools for Amazon Sellers

Keyword Analytics

With the ever changing Amazon SERP algorithm, it’s important for sellers to know exactly which keywords they are ranking for. Our Keyword Ranking tool allows you to provide a keyword list and then monitor your performance against that list over time. This can be a very powerful input to refining your listing and running PPC campaigns. ..Undergoing upgrades!

Replay: Webinar with Bernie Thompson (Founder of Efficient Era): You Don't Need to Game It!

In a shocking, yet somewhat inevitable turn of events, Amazon has announced that it is completely banning all discounted reviews, except for those provided by the Vine program, which is only available to Amazon Retail, that too at a very high price point. How is the average marketplace seller, with no access to the Vine program expected to solve the so called "cold-start" problem?

If you are a marketplace seller interested to learn how to survive Amazon's policy changes without risking any violation of their ToS OR gaming the system, then this Webinar with Bernie Thompson is for you!

Watch Replay